A new approach to data based on ethics & privacy by design

Over the last two decades, the data economy has created enormous value by mistreating people’s personal data. In the new data economy, ethical and privacy-focused businesses will thrive, others will be left behind. Datafund’s decentralised solutions will help you build a new business model or transform an old one to fit the new economy.

Personal data on demand

Individuals can set permissions down to a key-value

Fair data

Respecting human rights and privacy while enabling fair
value distribution according to the data as labor paradigm.

New revenue streams for developers

App-generated data can be automatically “sold” back to an individual’s datafund. Forget advertising, enter Web3.

GDPR compliant and privacy centric

It provides GDPR-compliant encrypted storage and
enables provable, ethical data exchange.

AI Ready

Semantically rich datasets on demand with user
consents and granular permissions.

Developer friendly

Easy to integrate, modular design and upgradable.

Decentralized and trustless

Running on Ethereum and Swarm makes it censorship
resistant, trustless, hacker proof and with zero

What are datafunds?

Datafunds are a new form of personal data oracle that can form or connect to data markets. Organizations (data users) are incentivised to give data back to individuals and to participate in a fair and ethical exchange of data value. Contributors to a specific datafund are rewarded with intrinsic tokens of a receiving datafund. #reclaim


The Datafund protocol

Datafund protocol guards personal data, provides safe storage and enables ethical data exchange. Individuals create their own datafund to reclaim, own and manage their data.

Protocol schematics

Revenues return to Alice’s datafund and are distributed proportionally to Alice’s datafund token holders.

Receive tokens for data given and are incentivised to keep the list curated.
Protocol schematics

Tech Stack


One of the three pillars of Ethereum. It offers encrypted, serverless data storage and content distribution with a built-in incentivisation system.


Datafund runs on the Ethereum blockchain, a decentralised platform that runs smart contracts.












Platform Microservices Architecture Consent Management platform (alpha)   Consent Management platform (beta) Consent Management platform v.1   Third party integrations Enterprise   Platform v.2     Platform v.3      
Developers Datafund API (alpha) Datafund API (beta)   Datafund API v.1 SDK
    Datafund API v.2 SDK
Mobile Mobile App (alpha) Mobile App (beta) Mobile App v.1     Mobile App v.2     Mobile App v.3      
Data Data architecture   Permission management   Data validation v.1 Automatic data pricing (alpha) Data validation v.2 Automatic data pricing (beta)        
Cryptography   End-2-End encryption     Zero knowledge proofs and homomorphic encryption Data anonymisation          
Ethereum Wallet Consent Management smart contracts GDPR on blockchain (beta) GDPR on blockchain Token curated registries Curation markets Personal Datafund Generic Datafund   Datafund marketplaces    
Swarm Encrypted storage (alpha)     Peer-to-peer data transfer (beta)   Encrypted storage (beta) Peer-to-peer data exchange (beta)   Data protocol (alpha) Other protocol integrations Data protocol (beta) Other blockchains integrations Data protocol v.1
AI Encrypted storage (alpha)               Personal AI databroker (alpha)   Personal AI databroker (beta)  
Security Bounties Security Audit #1 Grants Security Audit #2     Security Audit #3       Security Audit #4 Security Audit #5  
Foundation Ethics and human rights on blockchain initiative Ethics and human rights on blockchain charter proposal   Decentralised governance (stage 1)   Ethic and human rights on blockchain conference   Decentralised governance (stage 2)    
  Centralised Upgraded privacy Decentralised

Partners & Supporters


Gregor Žavcer
Cofounder, CEO


Zenel Batagelj
Cofounder, Chief Strategist


Viktor Tron
Cofounder, Protocol


Tadej Fius
Cofounder, CTO


Gašper Župan
Community Lead


Tadej Mali
Lead Developer


Miha Mohorko


Matej Kebe
Community Manager


Damir Erznoznik


Črt Ahlin
Data Scientist


Anja Blaj
GDPR & Legal


Markus Zevnik


Andrej Čebokli
Copywriter & Community Manager


Egor Kraft
Artistic Vision & Design



Matan Field


Jordi Baylina

# LinkedIn

Simon Belak


Andrej Muževič


Torsten Kremser
Token Flow


Mitja Pirc
Business Development / Ecosystem


Gorazd Ocvirk
Business Development


Iris Straus